On the directions of the Deputy Commissioner, all assistant commissioners of the district visited various...


Deputy Commissioner Chiniot visited the Sahulat Bazar of Tehsil checking rates of essential commodities, availability of fruit...

Badshahi Mosque
The 17th century old Badshahi mosque, a replica of Badshahi mosque of Lahore was built by Chiniot resident Nawab Saadullah Khan, Prime Minister of Sub-Continent, a close aide to Mughal Emperor Aurang Zeb Alamgir. It is one of the historical monuments and tourist attraction sites in the district which is visited by thousands of people from all over the country and abroad. There were 17 halls around the ground floor of the mosque which were residential quarters for the employees of the mosque but when the mosque was handed over to Auqaf Department some 50 years ago, these halls were converted into shops.