The People

The people of District Chiniot are predominantly Muslims by birth and faith. As per official figure, the district has 98% of Muslim population. People are very much sincere, hospitable, conservative and humble. They are seriously conscious about their social traditions and feel pride in following them.

Local Events

'Baysakhi' is the main local event of the city. It is celebrated in the month of April every year at the beginning of wheat field cutting.

Social life is very simple but legendry in district and a bit advance in the main city. Social customs and traditions reflect Islamic touch.


According to climate, dresses are very simple. Men wear 'Shalwar and Kameez' and women wear 'Shalwar Kameez with Dupatta, Burqa or Black Chaadar.


Handicrafts made of wood, date leaves and soil are most popular and common in this district. Women design different styles of embroidered dresses and make flowers with embroidery.


Cricket, football, badminton, hockey, volleyball, kabbadi and kushti are major sports played in Chiniot.